Settled Case Financing

Settled Case Financing

Convert settled cases into capital with our Settled Case Fast Track™ solution

Settled Case Financing

What it is

Our Settled Case Fast Track™ Loan helps bridge the financial gap between settled cases and the receipt of pending contingency fees, allowing you immediate capital to support your firm.

How it works

Once you have contacted and provided us with the necessary documentation and proof of settlement, receive up to 80% of your contingency fees payable on settled files in as little as 48 hours.

Key loan details

Frequently Asked Questions

This is determined during the application process but we are prepared to advance 80% of the proof of settlement, with supporting documentation.

We can generate reporting for the lawyer on the firm level, or the client level.
One year, which can be amended for another year with the payment of interest, as specified within the contract
We need a copy of the settlement agreement (pending court approval is acceptable), and a copy of the contingency agreement confirming the percent of the proceeds your firm is entitled to receive
We require the executed loan agreement, two pieces of identification, a copy of the business name (title) registration. A Law Society Review, PPSA and BIA searches will also be conducted, prior to funding.
With the necessary documentation submitted and approved and the contract executed by you, you will get your line of credit within 48 hours.

Don’t see your question answered here? Call 1-866-210-7200 or email [email protected] to contact one of our client service representatives.

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