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What it is

The reality of personal injury litigation is that it is complex, time-consuming and capital intensive. Our File Financing program is designed to free up cash flow to more efficiently finance new disbursements or reimburse yourself for disbursements already incurred.

How it works

Loans are managed on a file-specific basis which facilitates the recovery of any financing charges. The maximum amount of the loan is determined by the strength of the case — we can provide up to 50% of your total contingency fee for each file for unsettled claims. The advance maybe used for any law firm expense which may include:

Key loan details

Frequently Asked Questions

It is typically $100,000 – $2 million, depending on the contingency fees outstanding. Higher funding thresholds will be evaluated during the application process.

  • Disbursements for new case
  • Recouping disbursements on existing cases
  • Hiring more lawyers or opening a new office
  • Increasing your marketing budget
  • Paying salaries or partner draws
  • Any law firm related expense

We can generate a reporting summary at a file or firm level to support you.

One year, which can be amended for another year with the payment of interest, as specified within the contract.

We require the executed loan agreement, two pieces of identification, a copy of the business name (title) registration. A Law Society Review, PPSA and BIA searches will also be conducted, prior to funding.

Our process is fast and efficient. With the necessary documentation submitted and approved and the contract executed, you will get your line of credit within 48 hours.

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