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What is a settlement loan?

If you’re waiting for your settlement and need money for medical treatment, estate fees or just general living expenses we can help.

We provide loans to victims of motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, wrongful dismissal and more.

We understand how stressful it can be while waiting for your claim to settle. Many of our clients can’t work or are just struggling to make ends meet. We can help bridge the gap and provide financial relief with loans starting at $500.

When you choose Settlement Lenders you become a part of our family. You’ll never feel like just a number. We value our relationships with our clients, and we support you every step of the way.

Rates & Disclosure

  • Interest is accrued as scheduled: In the first year of the loan, the APR is 19.95% based on a monthly compounded interest rate of 1.66%.
  • In subsequent years the APR is 29.95% based on a monthly compounded interest rate of 2.49%.
  • There is no minimum term associated with the loan.
  • The loan is completely open; you may pay out at any time without penalty.